Deal Desk

Deal Desk is a place where complex, high value deals can be discussed between sales, finance, and product teams. A deal may be the sales rep’s responsibility but multiple stakeholders are involved in making it successful. Customer, product or pricing data essential in making deals successful is stranded with individuals from various departments, on assorted tools and stored in disparate systems. A simple error in deal creation or execution can impact your reputation and brand.

Maple Tree Consultants can help you establish a new Revenue Deal Desk, or fine tune the processes and procedures of your initial effort.

There are many steps to consider including  designating the appropriate functional leaders to participate, setting a company agenda and goals, and selling the deal desk concept internally. It is crucial to form the right team with executives from marketing, finance, legal, engineering, sales, and even product management.

We can help you with a variety of Revenue Deal Desk processes including the following:

  • Structuring for optimal recognition
  • Negotiation support
  • Review and documentation