Internal Control Assessment & Remediation

Internal controls is a process designed to encourage compliance with an organization’s prescribed policies and procedures, promote operational efficiency, ensure accuracy and reliability of the financial reporting system and safeguard company assets. This objective is generally achieved through a combination of monitoring, control activities, risk assessment and an effective control environment. Conversely, an ineffective internal control can lead to material weaknesses and restatement.

Today, internal control changes are required more often and at a faster pace than ever before. These changes to internal control may require significant time and investment to keep pace or to remediate internal control deficiencies. Often, companies don’t have the internal resources to keep up with these required changes.

This is where Maple Tree Consultants can help. With our audit experience, Maple Tree Consultants can help your company assess the effectiveness of existing internal controls through the review of existing documentation, testing and assessment of the completeness and correctness of existing internal controls.

If an internal control remediation plan is required, Maple Tree Consultants can help design and implement revisions to restore compliance and confidence of stake holders.

Our internal control assessment & remediation offerings include: