Process Redesign & Implementation

Many businesses undertake process redesign initiatives with the aim of improving organizational performance. These redesign initiatives involve the analysis of existing processes and procedures; the purpose of which is to reduce errors and improve efficiencies.

A key factor to success with this initiative is first clearly defining measurable objectives. Whether the goal is reducing costs or increasing efficiency, the framework for what needs to be achieved should be decided upon at the outset. It’s also important to avoid scope creep, ensuring that all key related processes are identified and prioritized according to redesign urgency.

Maple Tree Consultants has years of practical experience helping companies with redesign initiatives related to reducing the close time frame or establishing revised processes related to a new accounting system implementation.

Leveraging this knowledge, we work with key stakeholders to help companies define measurable objectives, identify related processes and procedures, root out redundant or inefficient processes and help the company design practical solutions.

Our process redesign and implementation offerings include: