Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a straightforward process of hiring temporary workers or contractors to fill short-term positions within your company. For example, suppose you have a special project that requires another three hands on deck, but the project will only last for six months. You could take on permanent employees but there will be no work for them to do when the project is over.

The main benefit to staff augmentation is that the contractors you hire can jump straight in and get to work without needing to be walked through your process. You can ramp up and down to meet fluctuating staffing demands without shouldering the cost associated with hiring permanent, full-time employees.

Staff augmentation can be helpful for any business that needs human resources to deal with a special project or business spike. Here are some common scenarios:

  • Your permanent staff is already working overtime, but a new project has landed. You need extra bodies address to company goals.
  • An employee with critical knowledge has announced plans for an extended period of absence, for example, a sabbatical, illness recovery or maternity leave, and you need temporary cover to plug the skills gap.
  • A new project requires specialized skills that your current employees do not possess. You need a consultant contractor to handle project implementation and train up your staff.

Maple Tree Consultants has a wide breadth of knowledge obtained through our experience in industry and advisory service firms. Whether it’s back filling an accounting role on a temporary basis, or supplementing your employees on a specific project, we have the resources to help.