Technical Accounting

Our team of experts has extensive experience in industry and advisory service firms including a Fellowship with the Financial Accounting Standards Board helping to write the standards.

Whether it’s assisting your business with streamlining its process and procedures, augmenting current staffing levels, or addressing unique technical issues… we can help.

We used to be you, but now we’re focused on helping you take on your challenges.

Some of our technical accounting services include:

Processes and Procedures

Accounting policies and procedures help your employees run your business without your constant supervision. They are simple, easy to understand and to follow. Writing accounting policies and procedures can be difficult, but they will help you in the long term, keeping processes standardized and simple.

Communication is essential to your internal control framework, and documented accounting policies and procedures are one of the best ways to communicate essential accounting information and make sure everyone in accounting is on the same page. We can help you document existing policies or design and draft new policies.

    • Drafting updated processes and procedures
    • Writing accounting policies and transition menues
    • Preparing comparative financial data for executive consideration
    • Policy review and implementation
    • SOX compliance implementation
    • System implementation

    Accounting and Disclosure

    Disclosure items, as outlined by the SEC, include those related to a company’s financial condition, operating results and management compensation. The SEC requires specific disclosures because the selective release of information places investors and company stakeholders at a disadvantage. Clearly outlined disclosure requirements ensure companies adequately dissemniate information so that all investors are on an even playing field.

    • Technical memo drafting and review
    • Nature and extent of disclosure requirements
    • Restatements
    • Staff augmentation
    • Revenue accounting
    • Lease accounting