All too often, company personnel are not trained in the latest financial accounting standards, or if they are trained it is not specific to the company’s processes and procedures. Why risk having managers bluff their way with accountants or enter the company into less than optimal contracts with customers?

Our on-site training programs will help you and your team to better understand how to interpret GAAP, do an impact assessment on your business, and develop a project plan for moving forward. Our goals are knowledge transfer and guidance, combined with collaboration on a high level action plan customized to your business.

Move beyond generic webinars and let our team of experienced professionals help steer your business towards better outcomes.

Two recent areas of focus include both Revenue accounting and Lease accounting.

ASC 606 / IFRS 15- Revenue Recognition

Now that your company has adopted the latest Revenue accounting standard, have you considered how yo will educate key stakeholders? We can help with the education process to meet your needs; from a two-day highly detailed training module focused on helping your team to thoroughly understand the rules of the ASC 606 standard, to a shorter course tailored to your specific business model that addresses both operational and accounting issues.

We’ll provide value-added accounting advice and guidance, using plain English, keeping in mind practical and operational considerations. We’ll help break down the complex accounting issues facing your business and deliver technical advice and a forward plan of action for compliance and optimizing operations.

ASC 842 / IFRS 16 – Lease Accounting

This training will cover major areas of change from the existing leasing standard, and explain the new standard, its logic, its implications, and the problem areas that concern the constituents. Participants will gain an understanding of the complexities of the new standard as well as how to apply it effectively in their own organizations.